Beautiful Hairstyles for Brown Hair with Highlights

One famous hair technique right now is highlighting. In highlighting, sections or pieces of the hair are bleached or lighten. These are then laid on pieces of foil for processing. Highlights are good for dark hair, especially brown hair. They will add texture and depth to your hair.

There are different types of highlighting techniques too. And I believe one should go to the professionals if they want to have highlights. Professionals can tweak and modify the intensity of your highlights depending on what you want.

Ready for your highlighting hair adventure? Then keep on reading to see the gorgeous hairstyles we have found for brown hair with highlights.

Partial Highlights For A Subtle Vibe

Partial highlights are perfect for the ladies who are always busy because they are low maintenance. This highlighting technique will help in framing your face for a natural and brightening look. It is also less expensive and less damaging for your hair as it only highlights portions of your hair. Wanting to try this? Check out these cool partial highlights ideas we’ve found!

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Full Highlights For You To Slay

Now if you want a bold and dramatic hair moment, then full highlights are for you. In full highlights, all sections of your head will be lightened. This will help you if you want to go from a dark to a light tone without bleaching all your hair. Scroll down below to see the gorgeous full highlights ideas we’ve got for you.

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Color Highlights For Fun

If you wanna do out of the norm, then the color highlights are the ones for you! Color highlights will give your hair more depth and texture, depending on the color you will use. You can be soft and use pastel colors. Or be bold and use neon ones. Ready to this on your brown hair? Check out the hair ideas below.

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