Super Simple Back-to-School Hairstyles

School days will start soon. Well, maybe this time it’ll be a different school year with the “new normal” being implemented. If you will have online classes this year because of the pandemic, it means you still need to look presentable in your Zoom class.

In this blog, we will show you simple back-to-school hairstyles. And yes, you don’t need to wake up extra early just to have a pretty school day hair! We know you really need those extra minutes of sleep. Intriguing? Keep on reading then to see the simple back-to-school hairstyles that you can copy!

Low Ponytail If You Are In A Rush

Running late? Then do this hairstyle! Just brush your hair then gather all your hair to the base of your neck. Then secure your hair with elastics or cute scrunchies. Take a look at the following pictures and choose one that you will copy.





Credit: Pinterest/Maddie Minniear


Credit: Instagram/@kayleymelissa


Credit: Instagram/@alliebeckwith

Braids For Life!

There is a lot of braided hairstyles you can do for your back-to-school moment. You can do the classic french braid in which you will braid your whole hair. Or a double french braid where you will section your hair into two parts and then braid these sections. The bang braids in which portions of your bangs are braided. Scroll down below to see some of the cool braided hairstyles that you can try.



Credit: Instagram/@sarahpotempa




Credit: Instagram/@yourbraids



Pins, Clips, And Headbands Will Save You

Woke up late and have no time for showering your hair? Worry no more! You can just opt for the headband to give your hair a little life. You can use a plain one or a colorful silk one and tie it around your head. Or you can use some beautiful clips and clip them on to your hair for accents. You can also do a french twist and secure the pieces with bobby pins. The following hairstyles are the ideas that you can copy for your next hairstyle for school.

Credit: Pinterest/Julie Jackson


Credit: Instagram/@venitaaspen






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