Trendy Long Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have long hair? Most women dream of having long gorgeous Hair, but it’s often hard to maintain. For some, having long hair means frizz even though it may seem impossible for you to grow your hair that long, there are ways to work around the problem. 

There are many trending hairstyles out there right now for different hair types, from curls to braids, to bombshell cuts, wavy mermaid hair, and others. There’s a lot to choose from, and you don’t have to look basic. You can experiment as much as you want. Even better, there’s a lot of hairstyles which can also match the shape of your face. 

If you already have long hair but are getting bored with your look, here are a few hairstyles for 2020 to inspire you on your next masterpiece. 

Lush Layered Straight Long Hair

Picking a hairstyle is sometimes not the most straightforward task for those with long hair. It can be frustrating, especially if the look you are going for doesn’t match your hair type. Layers are the right choice for you. This style suits both thick and beautiful hair types, because you can use the layers to add dimension and depth. 

Bangs with Long Straight or Medium Length Hair

Long straight locks will look fantastic if you include bangs in your hairstyle. The contrast of the hits frames your face. You can also experiment with the look of your bangs. Getting a fringy haircut is an effortless way to improve the way you look, as well as other options to enhance the features of your face. 

70’s Inspired Long Shaggy or Wavy Hair

The 70’s rock n roll style hair is trending again this 2020. The shag has always been one of the most iconic hairstyles of the ’70s. To add a bit of a modern twist to this look, try wearing it with long, mid-length or short hair. To complement the shape of your face, ask your hairdresser to create a fringe style at the front. 


Strong and Long Braided Hair

Braids work great with medium length and exceptionally long hair. Of course, braids with long hair is better, because you will have more to be creative with. This is very easy to achieve and does not look heavy too. A simple french braid is a great way to pull off a summer vibe to your look. 

Natural Long Straight Hair

If you are blessed with long, thick, and straight hair, then you are lucky. There are lots of ways to become creative with this look. Long black hair is the most attractive look you can pull off with this hairstyle. It’s bold, dramatic, and full-on extravagant. Depending on the undertones of the hair dye you choose, black hair can also suit any skin tone. If you want to experiment a little, you can also try on different hairstyles with long hair. 

Long in the Back and Front Short Hair

Here’s another fashionable 70’s look that is trending this year. This hairstyle has elements of the shaggy cut but includes keeping all of the layers at the front of the style more defined and separated.  

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