Best Living Room Decor Ideas 2020

The living room is usually the most significant part of the house. One might refer to it as the center or heart of the home.

It is also a place where we welcome visitors and entertain our friends and relatives. The room usually gives us a sense of comfort and warmth, but it can be versatile enough to provide us with a formal ambiance if needed.

Today we will be talking about the best living room décor ideas for you to be acquainted with the trends and latest updates of “what’s in” for living room styles.

Vintage Accents Living Room Decor Ideas

You can never go wrong with vintage. It’s nice to see a bit of old fashioned elements amidst the modern aesthetic of today.

Decorating your living room this way can make it seem like it came right out of the photo album, making you feel warm and happy. It brings back a sense of nostalgia looking back on the sweet memories you had as a child but at the same time allowing you to know where you are at present, making you fully aware of the beautiful changes that have happened since then.

You can try some creative ways to incorporate vintage decors such as transforming an old crib into a bench, using pallet boards as shelves, or making use of vintage vases.

Fresh Like Spring Floral Wallpaper

A splash of colorful flowers can make any dull living room look fresh and exciting. Plains and prints always do complement each other.

Single-colored sofas against beautifully intricate floral designs are currently one of the biggest fads in living room décor.

Murals can give you a creative and wonderfully artistic environment. If you still want to mix and match in the future, there are also a lot of floral patterned stick-on wallpapers available to accentuate your home.

Don’t Feel Blue Over Navy Blue.

Pantone’s color of the year certainly looks great on everything. Not just on clothes, but apparently on living room decors as well! This color works perfectly on the walls, the sofa, and even on footrests.

Since blue is already a naturally relaxing color itself, incorporating it in the living room helps provide you with a more comfortable feeling.

Jive with Patina Accents

Another one of the new trends in décor is the use of patina accents. Patina is a finishing coat put on some furniture, usually metal ones, to give it an effect of aging.

Like vintage furniture, patina accents can highly complement a modernly styled room, giving it a similarly nostalgic feeling. It’s almost like bringing back the old into the new!

Color Pop Until You Drop

The monotonous and two-toned living rooms can say goodbye to this style! Adding a dash of bright colors to a neutrally themed living room can instantly bring a spark of happiness and energy.

It’s more on the playful side of décor, and your creativity can run free with this one. Just remember to accentuate the room with brightly colored elements such as colorful pillows, rugs, or a single brightly colored chair!


Olive Trees Among Greeneries

Adding a bit of greenery to spruce up your living room is never a bad idea. What better plant to put than a wonderfully green olive tree? The subtle bright green plant is the perfect accent to add to any living room.

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